Best Movies/TV from 2020

BEST MOVIES/TV (I'VE SEEN) IN 2020 I don't know about you, but for me this wacked out year has resulted in lots of homebound free time. Besides the lack of social interactions, 2020 also saw me unemployed, out of school, and without a car most of the time. This gave me a LOT of time to watch movies and television and   I love  visual storytelling, so this year I've kept a list of my favorites! And I'm challenging myself to tell you why I love them in 3 sentences or less (spoiler: I don't succeed).  There aren't any overt STORY spoilers as I can tell, but I do mention major themes/concepts in each of the pieces, so be aware. I was fortunate to have access to streaming services through friends and family, with most of my viewing being through Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. **Hot tax tip that I really hope I'm right about: If you have a media production business (film, photo, audio, music, etc.) you can write off subscriptions on your taxes. Keep that in mind
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