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An Afternoon Near Como

Here at the edge of Lake Como, the sloping mountains and rolling waters unite to create winds like this swamp girl's never felt before. The gusts arrive with varying power, sometimes to playfully tousle your hair and other times to remind you that even your bones can be chilled. On the lakeshore, this wind is continuous--the pushy friend of amateur windsurfers and the bane of recently coiffed fashionistas. Yesterday I went on a long walk with my sister, her boyfriend's sister, sister-in-law, and her infant girl. Lots of sisters, sisterhood. Joyful camaraderie is to be expected on a trek like this, but we would periodically find ourselves turned into a band of haggard survivors each time a freshly fierce wind would nearly topple the stroller and we the strolling. Andalo Valtellino has truly swept me off my feet. On this breezy walk, we made our way to a latteria sociale, which I understand to be some sort of farm/store/social club, which I suppose made total sense in a sma