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Angry Fling Letter

To whom it probably doesn't concern, I wanted to address this most recent news because it seems to me like you're kind of confused. As a preface, the topic is not  about you it's signed 'yours truly,' concerns what I need to do. When I decide to move on from this relationship b/c it is no longer feeding who I am and/or I have forgotten how to feed myself, You, like so many other men before you, have the gall to tell me that surely I must have committed some unspoken infidelitous act to be convinced that I have room to grow. Yes, it seems you think that my body, like clay molded by unscrupulous potters has been pulled in another direction, kneading me until I need them. Yes, please, be my guest blame my libido when I tell you I need to know that I can stand by myself. Like the only drive in my life that could influence me to leave you is a sexual one. No, my friend, I didn't need to dip my toe into the sea of empty relations to