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The Cycle

Shake off the beads of perspiration that precipitate the clouds of my confusion... A confusion that is both sweet to bite and bitter to taste... One that consumes my body drop by drop... Till the dregs of my resistance are merely puddles flowing into an expanding river... A river that lustfully gives and receives according to the current... And currently I'm running the cycle, my whole body rolling top to bottom with the waves of it, my mind ebbing, my senses whirlpooling together... Plummeting to that unknown depth... Yet allowed to resurface for air.

The gentlemen, they dance

The gentlemen, they dance in and out of my life and we step to and fro on the floor. I try to lead but they swing me aside and I clasp onto their hands for dear life. They dip me and swirl me till I can see no more. Then, dizzy I whirl I spin around and I crash. But then with apologies and promises of keeping time, they pick me up and lift me right back.