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Peace Within the Chaos.

            Peace within the chaos?   The last eight months have been chaotic.   Or at least they fit my idea of what it is to be ‘chaotic.’   Try this on for size: incredibly sad but ultimately fruitful breakup with a serious boyfriend of nearly three years, a week of unexpected service in Honduras, three months studying art in Tuscany, the sobering deaths of two very different family members, a solo spring break romp in Croatia, two months of unbelievable joy as a summer camp counselor, and now the first week of my senior year of college.   And the surprise center?   I’m doing fine.   Great, in fact!   The emotional unpacking of this last year could have gone in so many negative directions, but somehow, I’ve managed to emerge unscathed.   Changed, yes, but for the better.   I can almost feel the changes happening.   In the literal sense, there were days over the summer, after all of my international travels were done, that I would look in the mirror and swear I was looking at a grow

Septic Situation

I laid in what looked to be the grassy open area where a cabin once stood. I read awhile. Slaughterhouse Five. Could almost feel the history around me, Enveloping me with its weight. Weeks later, when telling a friend about that magical moment, Found out that it was a septic leaching area. This is no metaphor. No game. Just me lounging in shit.