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A brief glimpse inward

More and more I am who I am I feel me becoming me I will put art and the lyrics of life far above men, worldly beauty, and fleshly desires. I will contribute to the language of love and will fuse luck and wit--mistress of my successful fate. There is a sacred geometry within me, and all things. A cord of energy weaves us all into a single scientific tapestry. I am the goddess divine of my orchard--my golden fruit can cure your ill. I am the keeper of the keys of my soul--beware bewitchment if ingressing here. I am the Mother Superior of this sculpted abbey--my space is sacred and whole. I am open, welcoming, arms outstretched--I can be your gilded sky. Fare you well, traveler, I ensnare like a rosy bramble.

The Illusionist's Cage

Give me a second to sit, a moment ot meditate... I grow more feral with each passing moment I sit fixed in this beautiful cage. These stones are illusionist's trick Oh, these hills 'fore my eyes call me free. The air is sweet and ancient and rich but the supply constricts so slightly. My foes are my friends, my new family, slave-drivers. I'm tilling the harvest of their perceptions. My mind says, "Step away and be free," the angry logic frothing. This insecure heart beats and grasps at a perfect respect I envision. Visions are fruitless without action on hand. My mind does as I will it to do... Will I do as my mind so demands?