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We're Back (p.s. I'm in America)

We slept in beds that were not our own. We occupied head spaces more foreign to us than the soil on which we stood. We watched ice melt into flowers all over the countryside, trying hard to capture each moment and hold it captive. We became vagrants, newly possessed of colorful perspectives and duty-free goods. Beyond tourism, we were elements of an amplified way of existing, too blessed to be real. We saw our histories and our futures from every available angle and We gulped freedom down like famished animals. We are now addicted to that exquisite nectar. Who am I? Amid the stars, the flecks of paint, the bricks and timber, the bones, and the hands that hold? Filling pages with words and ideas, for myself or no one in particular? The cosmos spin and laugh at us in their perpetual mystery. Our brains explode from too much information, Our hearts from overwhelming emotion, Our souls from suffocating technology. We are debilitated by our own success. ...I will just live