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Nocturnal Admission

No one's ever up when I'm awake. I swear the small hours are like daggers etching rivers of blood in my skin Leaving dark pools under my eyes to reflect my haunting. It's really not that bad It's just that the solitude of a dark room brings tears to my eyes quicker than a flesh wound Dampening the sheets that would keep me covered and safe. There are certainly other people in this house But to go to them and lay with them seems futile now Their dreams would bounce in their heads, thrashing, while I laid still, wondering. And I know that there are people who love me It's just so hard to remember when you are the only one alive at the moment With no one's eyes or smiles to create a life force for you to cling to joy. And I'm not really sad, or have no reason to be The weight of sleep and the burden of an overzealous mind pull my eyelids shut But bids me think until my brain no longer works and I die I mean fall asleep.

Spontaneous Combustion

I can still remember when we first caught fire sparks grew up from embers never seeming tired I can hear you whispering softly while I cried I've never been loved this way. Riding our inferno engulfed and don't know why nothing is more tender than the flame that's in your eyes and I can hear you whispering that I make you better light you from within And never let you go dark. And surely there'll be smoke that we'll release but then we'll burst out and increase. And there'll be air that we will breathe so that our blaze will never leave. We will be scorched and think we're through but we'll emerge as something new. Words of love to stoke our fire you lift me up and take me higher.