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Thank You

And then there were none. The chances all gone. To remind me of why I stayed here so long. Why have I lingered feeling empty inside? Its time to run on, and never to hide. I'm quietly searching for some place brand new, To make memories fresh like the dew. And now I'm fulfilled And its all thanks to you.

The Race

So afraid to let him know What I am too cautious to show Should I reveal what's on my mind I'm afraid what he might find Do I speak what's on my heart I need to stop but I want to start Too terrified to let him see How his touch is affecting me Usually so sure of myself But with him I'm someone else Near to him I'm a woman new Our eyes connect, I don't know what to do I have courage to move at my own pace And he understands that love is not a race We're journeying and enjoying the view Sturdy my heart and love him through and through Time together reminds me again That when two hearts race, both will win. (April 23, 2012)