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I sometimes catch myself wanting for things that I have not I politely escort greed aside and ask him, please, to leave. For greed is the enemy of now him who haunts all of contentment insidious, he tries to sneak back in we are all on the lookout.

On the Tar River

I love these rainy river days No difference can be heard between waters they move in ever-changing time making their needs known to the lilt of a kudzu vine their breathless bodies plunge the earth and bring me back to beauty.

River ramble

Brim and bramble River ramble Coursing hands toward rushing rain Hipbone hollow Fingers follow Descend to waterfall terrain Tightly twisting terse tsunami Building boiling burst beyond me Lightweight lapping Twilight tapping Ebbing till she flows again

Flower Buds on Finger Tips

I loved her in the the lonely way that the earth begs for warmth a hope for spring and bursting. I offered her flower buds on my finger tips ripe with waiting for kiss to bloom. I folded and unfolded my petals, slick with morning dew eager for her gaze please, look inside me. I carved out a space into which we both could grow I prayed for harvest and hid daydreams in the hollows of my neck.


You now live inside the wake Of what you thought would never break I can hear the low hiss of your chasm as it heals. Soft yet stoic, brick and mortar Polarized in magma order Pressure leaves its fuming as your chasm slowly seals. I dive; limber, deft spelunker Find your cavern fit to hunker Down for winter hibernation, patient while you're prepped to feel. Warm to touch for gentle kneading Sculpted into season's greeting Meet me here with stone-crest feeling Love pour streaming deep appeal.