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I was intended to be a flower. A delicate beauty that would bud And bloom. So like the Spring I would come And go Quite subtly about my way. Bending and wilting As the sun told me when. Obeying the rhythms of Nature. I was supposed to shed petals So soft and so gentle  Upon the Earth for all to admire. Waiting for someone to pluck me on up And carry me home to display. But something must have gone wrong When they placed my bulb in the ground. Perhaps just a bad patch of soil? Or not enough water or shade? Because to my intentions' greatest dismay I grew tall and proud into a Tree. Sturdy and strong like an ox Only letting sun pass where I choose.  Reaching out far to the corners  Of the Sky. Helping the world to breathe. Telling all who behold me: I am Alive. I am Real. I am Free. Deeply rooted in all that is Me. 

Ballad of Longing for a Rock

That hardened stone inside your chest cracks with each pulse and each beat I hear it thud and am desirous to know Why ever we were cursed to meet Your once heat-driven hands are stone Your searching eyes have ceased to move Your chiseled features set in rock Weather more slowly than your love Once upon a time you etched Your passions in my willing mind Where once I sculpted your slants and curves now only monolith I find So I set to work on my fresh new plot To break your cold statue heart For you've influenced mine to be solid as well So we'll crash till we crumble apart.